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An Online Course in Intuitive Eating

The course that brings you back to: 

Loving your body
Trusting your intuition

And nourishing your soul. 

So much information swirls around about nutrition, trendy diets, how to eat and what to eat. Rarely do we ever stop to feel what our own bodies need and desire intuitively, which is exactly why I created this course! Intuitive eating has been an incredible part of my personal growth journey and I am so honored to share this life-changing wisdom with you. 

This course is for those who are ready to:

-Heal their long-term relationship with food

(beyond dieting, cleansing, binge eating etc.)

-Love their bodies throughout different phases of life

(menstruation, life transitions, pregnancy, seasonal changes, etc.)

-Feel connected to their intuitive & felt sense of hunger & fullness [ רעב שובה]

-Regain an intuitive practice around food, lifestyle & health choices

-Take back their power around food (alone & in social situations)

-Discover and personalize their nutritional needs

-Feel supported by a group within a loving community setting

-Learn practical ways to connect with their intuition

-Understand the biology, chemistry & emotional triggers that rewire our eating habits, body & mind

-Free themselves from the constant food/weight/body-image struggle that so many have gotten used to as the norm.

Course Outline:
5 Meetings (Each 1.5 hours long through zoom)
2 1-1 consultations (15-30 mins long through zoom)

Meeting 1: Defining & Relating to Intuitive Eating
-Defining our individual beliefs around food
-Defining personal challenges around food
-Understanding What Intuitive Eating means & if/how we are eating intuitively
-The path of embodied listening, eating, living

Meeting 2: Personalizing our connection to food
-Moving beyond trends & dieting in our understanding around food and what true nourishment looks like
-Seasonal Eating & Nature’s Wisdom
-Effects of Menstruation & other physiological & mental mechanisms

Meeting 3: Regaining Personal Power & Intuition
- Practical tools & practices for regaining intuition, personal power & clarifying boundaries.

Meeting 4: Body Image, Self-Love & Long-Lasting Freedom
-The food relationship as a love relationship
-Being with our hunger & with our fullness as states of being

Meeting 5: Conclusion, Group Share & The Path Ahead


Course Setting: Zoom

Meetings occur once a week over the span of a month on zoom
(each meeting is 1.5 hours long)

Meeting 1: Saturday October 16th 6pm Israel Time/11am US Eastern
Meeting 2: Saturday October 23nd 6pm Israel Time/11am US Eastern
Meeting 3: Saturday October 30th 6pm Israel Time/11am US Eastern
Meeting 4: Saturday November 6th 6pm Israel Time/11am US Eastern
Meeting 5: Saturday November 13th 6pm Israel Time/11am US Eastern

+ Two 1-1 zoom consulations 15-30 min long (scheduled personally pre-course & post-course —one month after completion)

Early Bird Price: 1200₪ // 370$ (till October 5th)
Full Price: 1500₪ // 460$

Price Includes:
-Five 1.5 hour Group Meetings on Zoom

-Two 1-1 zoom 15-30 minute consultations to go deeper into personal goals pre-course + post-course follow up (one month after course completion)

-Journaling Prompts, Homework, Handouts & other Enrichment Material

-One Free Yoga with Emily Class (in-person in Tel Aviv or through Zoom)

-10% discount for those who continue for long term 1-1 holistic therapy work

-Course WhatsApp Group for community support, sharing of useful materials around nutrition, intuitive eating, and inspiration in general :). 

**space is limited to 12 participants 


Emily Shain is a yoga teacher, holistic therapist, published writer, and wellness guide. A voice for natural health, authentic expression, and creative living. Emily lives a life of devoted study and self-inquiry, teaching yoga for the last 6 years and recently finishing her alternative medicine, holistic nutrition, and NLP studies. She has taught and given workshops and retreats all over the world in places that have touched her heart including Sri Lanka, Panama, and of course, Israel where she has lived for the past decade. Emily's path of self-inquiry has led her to be a mentor to other wonderful and dedicated practitioners, who also share a passion for the path of mindful living. Emily shares from ancient wisdom, eastern and western integrated embodiment methods, and her own unique perspective. Her intention is to assist others in accessing their own intuitive wisdom so that they can live a happy & healthy life!

To Register & Connect with Emily:
Email: emshain@gmail.com 
Instagram: www.instagram.com/yogawithemily
Whatsapp: 054-9211711