Enjoy a set of Prerecorded Zoom Classes from the comfort of your home, for all levels, anywhere, anytime.

Set Includes:

6 One-Hour YWE Holistic Flow Classes 

1 Fifteen-Minute Grounding Meditation

Lifetime Use of Materials 

  • Immerse in a daily practice for body, mind and soul.

    Drop In & Membership
  • Relax into a deep slow restorative experience.

    Drop In & Membership
  • Dive deeper into asanas, philosophy, and breath work.

    Drop In & Membership
  • 2 hr

    Single or 3 Sessions
  • Personalized sequencing for physical and emotional healing.

    1 hr 30 min

    300 Israeli new shekels
  • Take a break from the workday to connect.

    By Appointment
  • Move your practice to the shores of Tel Aviv.

    Started Jun 5, 2020

    150 Israeli new shekels