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By Emily Shain

Embodiment. What does it mean?

Wholeness, peacefulness, oneness with the moment. 

Unity with your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. 

In your unique & natural way.

Just as you are. 

I’m Emily Shain. Yoga teacher, holistic therapist, embodiment mentor, published writer and wellness guide. A voice for natural health, creative expression and artistic, abundant living! Years of devoted study, self-inquiry and yoga practice combined with living, teaching and travelling abroad have brought me here: to the embodiment of my purpose which is quite simple: being present and in service to truth & love. I have walked the path for a decade and taught all over the world giving lectures, workshops, courses, trainings and retreats about coming into wholeness with one’s unique essence. The message is simple and returns us to our wellness of ourselves as individuals. Then we can truly live an artistic, loving and purposeful life that supports the collective.

Thank you for being here!


I look forward to the magical meeting of our path’s crossing!


The work is the return to love. 

You are here! Welcome to our shared, sacred space.


These pillars are our guiding tools:  



Creative Expression. 
Natural Wellness.
Holistic Healing. 

Unlimited Abundance.


We are liberated by loving and celebrating the processs of getting to know ourselves. 

This is the art of yoga & the art of life. 

Stepping into daily union with authentic awareness and compassion towards ourselves, our words, our actions, our health, our families, our relationships, our communities, our businesses.



Unlimited potential is available to anyone who practices and aligns their life with this mindset, which is rooted in the body's experience. 


Thank you for being a part of our supportive & loving community.

Growing brighter every day!

With gratitude to my students and teachers, near and far. 

Namaste & may we all enjoy the ride ॐ.

The Eternal Self-Study Journey:

200Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Ashtanga-Vinyasa

300Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Elemental Yoga Therapy

100Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Yin Yoga, Meridian, Macrobiotic Therapy

65 Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Women’s Yoga & Leadership

Training Chakra Therapy

Advanced Training Asana, Meditation, Pranayama & Kriya Immersion

Certification Aromatherapy

Certification Bach Flower Therapy

Certification Holistic Lifestyle & Nutritional Counselor

Certification NLP


“Emily is great at anticipating the natural resistance your body will have to a yoga pose. She helps you understand how to exercise the correct pose through a clear explanation rooted in your body, mind, and energy.” 

Arielle Sandor