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Emily Shain

Yoga teacher, holistic therapist, published writer and wellness guide. A voice for natural health, authentic expression and creative living. Emily lives a life of devoted study and self-inquiry. She has taught, travelled and shared her gifts all over the world from Panama to Bali to Israel, Portugal and Sri Lanka. Life's winding journey has led Emily to be a mentor to wonderful and dedicated practitioners, clients and followers of a shared, reflective path. Emily shares from ancient wisdom as well as her own unique perspective in her one-on-one sessions, group workshops, wellness courses and yoga retreats, helping others enter into true health & wholeness with their soul's unique essence. 

Emily says: "Thank you for being here & I Iook forward to the magical meeting of our path’s crossing!"

Qualifications & Milestones of the Life-Long Learner: 

Certification Holistic Lifestyle & Nutritional Counselor (Israel) 

Certification NLP Practioner  (Israel) 

​200Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Ashtanga-Vinyasa (Israel) 

300Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Elemental Yoga Therapy (Bali) 

100Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Yin Yoga, Meridian, Macrobiotic Therapy (Portugal) 

65 Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Women’s Yoga & Leadership

Training Chakra Therapy (India) 

Advanced Training Asana, Meditation, Pranayama & Kriya Immersion (India) 

Certification Aromatherapy & Bach Flower Therapy (Israel)

15 Hr. Yoga Alliance LAAIC Energy Body Training (Israel) 


The work is the return to love. 

Those who turn to Emily for guidance often seek: 
-A deeper connection with their bodies 

-A renewed and empowered sense of health (physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually) 
-Healing around family or relationship trauma
-Guidance during meaningful life transitions
-A nuanced, integrative and honest perspective beyond what "should" be
-Coaching around inner voice, empowerment and one's true purpose 
-To reconnect with their true nature (femininity, masculinity, energy work & seasonal attunement)
-A more natural way to take care of themselves 
-To create a personalized health & wellness plan
-Healing from eating disorders and emotional eating 
-Spiritual guidance
-To overcome anxiety, depression, auto-immune and other nervous system related imbalances. 

Some of the healing modalities we use: 




Seasonal Nutrition. 

Creative Expression. 
Natural Wellness (herbs, aromatherapy, eastern medicine).
Holistic Talking Therapy. 
Breathwork & Embodiment Practices.  

Energy Work. 

By knowing, connecting and loving ourselves, the seeds of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual wellbeing are planted.  .  

Every day is a new and exciting part of our unique journey.

By stepping into daily union with our authentic truth, present awareness and loving compassion, wellness follows and spreads to our bodies, relationships, families, friends, work, communities and hopefully, to mother earth. 

-It is a true honor working with you, learning from you & supporting you. 

Thank you.







“Emily is great at anticipating the natural resistance your body will have to a yoga pose. She helps you understand how to exercise the correct pose through a clear explanation rooted in your body, mind, and energy.” 

Arielle Sandor