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We are all whole. We are all a source of light in this world. We must meet ourselves in our dark moments to truly be free. Then, we may realize that we are all in fact, love. 

Emily grew up bicultural with homes in Israel and the United States. Since moving back to Tel Aviv in 2012, Emily's yoga studies and teaching have swept her across the globe to Bali, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Portugal, and Singapore. Today, she teaches classes and workshops at some of Tel Aviv's most renowned studios and offices, as well as in her own sacred space to students she admires and learns from daily. Emily's diverse background allows her to draw on several methods of the practice to create a powerful and immersive experience for body, mind and soul. Classes range from Vinyasa flow to Integrative to Yoga Therapy, bringing a holistic approach to the teachings with elements of meditation, pranayama, mantras, visualization concepts of yin and yang, the meridians, chakras and more.

Yoga is the return to love. 

After years of teaching, I am now ready to invite you to my own, authentically-me holistic yoga & health initiative!


Here, we believe that we are freed by knowing ourselves deeply: our thinking patterns, our physicality, our hearts, and our intentions.

This is yoga. Stepping into daily union with mindful awareness and compassion towards ourselves, our words, and actions. Over time, this devoted practice leads to a broader sense of unity with other humans, animals, plants, the environment, and spiritual cosmos. Moving through life with presence, compassion, and love sends this healing energy out into the world. 


Here, students are asked to first establish the roots of these principles deep within their own hearts and minds. By challenging limiting beliefs, movement patterns and emotional triggers, unlimited potential can be released.


We are a loving community growing brighter every day.
With great admiration and gratitude to my students and teachers, from near and far, I want to thank you for growing with me.

Namaste & may we all enjoy the journey ॐ.

Eternal Student

200Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Ashtanga-Vinyasa

300Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Elemental Yoga Therapy

100Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Yin Yoga, Meridian, Macrobiotic Therapy

65 Hr. Yoga Alliance Certification Women’s Yoga & Leadership

Training Chakra Therapy

Advanced Training Asana, Meditation, Pranayama & Kriya Immersion

Certification Aromatherapy

Certification Bach Flower Therapy

Certification Nutritional Counselor (Exp. 2021)

Degree Naturopathy (Exp. 2022​)


“Emily took care of everything and everyone during our Sri Lanka yoga and surf retreat, always checking in with everyone personally about their experience, and her soothing voice made classes an absolute pleasure!” 

Rotem Cohen

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