• Emily Shain

Mantras for Motivation and Manifestation

One of the most powerful sessions of my Chakra Therapy Workshop is that of the 5th chakra, the throat chakra, Vishuddha. This energy vortex is expressed by the color blue and relates to our connection to concepts of self-expression, truth, purification, communicative vibration and positive manifestation. When the throat chakra is imbalanced, we might experience pain in the throat or a dissonant tone of voice, either timidly soft or rapidly incoherent. On a deeper level, deficient energy in the throat chakra expresses itself as a lack of connection between the words we speak and the meaning, truth and intention behind them. We might feel that we are trying hard to express ourselves but that language misses the essence of our message. We might feel that our communication skills are weak, holding us back from connecting with and interpreting the words of others. Oppositely, excessive throat chakra energy often takes shape as an overly-powerful voice, unable to listen or find silence, rambling without meaning and overlooking the words of others. In the chakra sessions, I ask my group of yogis questions of self-reflection. Here are two of the most important questions from our fifth session: 1. Are you an attentive listener towards others and towards your inner voice?2. Do you use your words to bring down or uplift yourself and others? What often comes up here is a majority answer that we humans are very hard on ourselves especially through our self-talk. Often times the words we mull over in our mind are filled with negativity, guilt, and self-questioning rather than self-affirmation and understanding. We forget that words are one of our greatest tools for manifestation. And we are the ones who choose how to use them, in what tone we speak, and what our voice actually is and stands for. For example, if we say, “I’m going to meet a friend for lunch at 2,” then that simple phrase comes alive into true manifestation if we keep our word. How is any other phrase different? We are indeed messengers of either profound kindness and love or distraught gloom and darkness. IN OUR YOGA PRACTICE: When we encourage ourselves into meeting new poses with love, optimism and compassion we are much surer to feel growth and fulfillment as we learn and move through them. Especially if we are beginners, this is one of our greatest challenges—feeling that we will NEVER get to these places and asanas, until one day—whoosh—it happens! Why is the throat chakra session so powerful then? Because, in this session, each student chooses a mantra that they repeat in their mind as they move. The words play back on repeat, weaving through the inhales and exhales, the sun salutations and long holds. The words offer support, focus, uplift. They offer light and direction. They offer clarity and purification to all the moving parts, the waves of ups and downs. Keeping us grounded and in perspective. How nice would it be to wake up every day and repeat these mantras? What is the potential of these mantras to give us a happier, more pure and focused life? Why not try it and see how it effects your day, your attitude, your sense of vitality and higher vibration? Here are a few options for you: ------------------------------------------------------- I choose to think thoughts that serve me wellI am capableI share my happiness with those around meMy body is my vehicle in life; I choose to fill it with goodnessI feel energetic and aliveMy life is unfolding beautifullyEach step is taking me to where I want to beI trust in this moment and its teachings--------------------------------------------------------- A balanced throat chakra feels like we express exactly what lies inside. The voice will be melodic, smooth and harmonious. The words we choose will be truthful, powerful and meaningful. The conversations we’ll have will be interesting and resonant. We will feel more in tune with our creativity and the power we have to create good and positive energy. We will smile. Namaste